Singleton Update:

I got on the scales today and it turns out I’ve lost almost 3lbs!! This is a shock as I only went for a run on Thursday and need to go again tonight! I am feeling pretty crappy! =/ Which isn’t so good but I’m determined to do some housework and dance about to music a lot!! =D and I’m buying some GHDs so I can curl my hair!! I’m going to save up and get some brand new shiny ones!!

But check out my hair right now:

Curly Girly

Cute and curly baby!! =)

So, sorting out my extensions is a total must right now! and I’m thinking I’m gonna dye them (and my hair) a dark red colour or a very bright ginger!! =D

I have already started losing some weight and I am going to go over my wardrobe later and plan some outfits rather than just buying clothes willy-nilly!!

Plus a bonus is that the gym (Esporta: who screwed me over a million times) owes me £132, which means I can get my tattoo and some new clothes AND have my hair done all for my holiday!! =)

So excited that my list is finally beginning to take place!