Choices Choices!

Oh my gosh I have a dilemma!!!

So my results come out on Thursday and my parents want to get me something for uni!

Now we all know that I’m addicted to coffee and I’d actually be lost without my Senseo coffee machine. I can drink anything up to 6 cups of coffee a day (and thats not including my cups of tea) and adore the creamy richness of the senseo coffee pods with whitener! However, if you decide to get one of these machines take it from me, the mug size “moments” coffee pods are foul! But anyways, when I go to university I NEED my own coffee maker! I am far too addicted: I get headaches after 3 days without coffee and grumpy when I don’t have coffee in the morning! 😛

So do I ask my parents for some money towards my Senseo Coffee Maker?

My First Love


Do I ask my parents for some money towards the most BEAUTIFUL pair of GHDs known to man!! 😀

These babies are not only top of the range from GHD but also very very pretty! ❤ I have been meaning to get some and probably should get my own as I cannot take my mums to uni with me…

I can use these to make my hair curly or straight and just look at them:

Aren’t they absolutely to die for???


Coffee Maker or GHDs?  Leave a comment and let me know which you think I should choose!! 😉