Just to Clarify…

Someone asked me tonight if I was in love with Mr Arrogant because of what I said in my Words of Wisdom post. Let me assure you that I am not in love with him, (sorry to disappoint Mr Arrogant but I am kinda not interested!) and we are just very good friends. After 8 years of knowing him, how could we not be close? I will be honest, maybe five or six years ago, I totally had a thing for him– arrogance is attractive– but those feelings fizzled out a long time ago, like 4 years ago!

So sorry to burst your bubble amigos but for now, I am still waiting on the platform for the golden ticket! 😉

On an entirely different note, my grandma took me out for lunch at a gorgeous old pub today. I had beer battered fish and chips (YUM) and a ginger nut sunday!!! I will admit now that I am cycling tomorrow and going for a run! But it was SO worth it! And spending time with my grandma is always ace!

Then we went to drive home only to be redirected by police in a direction neither of us new! We followed the road and looked for some signs but somehow there were non for my hometown!! We ended up getting lost in the countryside of Hertfordshire on a bit of a spontaneous “safari”…. a 10-15 minute journey home turned into an hour and a half of hilarious mishaps and adventure!! And we definitely earned the coffee when we got back to my house!! 😀 I had a really lovely day.

And for most of the day it took my mind off the impending doom of Thursday and the smile on my face was truly genuine today! 🙂

Caught on Camera: Mid-Laugh!