Work Work Oh and Work!!

So this weekend I handed in my notice at work. I was actually a bit nervous about it: I’ve been working ever since I was sixteen, I have no idea what I’m going to do without that structure! I need it!! :O

Anyway, my colleague is really ill at the moment and has a few shifts this week and I really need the overtime, but having called into work to find out if they need me to cover, I’m not entirely sure they’ll let me cover! So they are going to call if they need me!

My house is rather messy too, and although I need the hours at work, I also need to tidy my house up before the family get home or they’ll be horrified by the state of the place… Don’t get me wrong, it’s not dirty, just a bit messy!

And my Auntie is down to stay at my grandma’s house this week, and after getting into uni and stuff they want to take me out for a meal today… try getting the housework done AND going to work as well as getting ready for dinner! Oh and I’m blogging this early because I’ve been a bit absent the past few days and if I don’t post now, I’ll never get it done!! 😛

Anyways, I’ll let you know how I get on! 🙂