Birthday Boogie!

Sunday was my lovely niece’s birthday and she was 5!! Seems just like yesterday that she was born! I being fairly boring and sensible decided to buy her a coat (purple with baby pink polka dots!) for the winter which by the way has already arrived: as if you hadn’t noticed!! So a practical present amongst the fun was I suppose, a good thing seeing as my older sister has her priorities backwards and would have let my niece run around in last years coat, which has orange paint stains all over it! I honestly sometimes despair with my big sister… She’s not the best mum ever: she doesn’t feed Roo before 7.30pm most nights, she helps herself to ice pops and other rubbish for breakfast in the morning because my sister is too busy having a lay in!! Roo stayed round our house for the Maiden concert and in the morning her and my mum were chatting and she turned around and said “Nana, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to listen to me. You can go back to sleep like mummy always does!” How sad is that?! 😦 And today my sister was too lazy to go to the town to buy her kitten some food, so asked me to do it after work, (and boy are those boxes of cat food heavy when you are 1. tired and 2. on a bike) but I did it for her… and then when she came round she started a fight about the fact that I was stupid for paying £500 ish for a week in Gran Canaria in January all inclusive when it’s normally £990 ish pp. So I might have mentioned the fact that at least I had a job and worked hard to pay for my holidays… because she will never be able to afford one– she’s too terrible with her money!!  Hmmmmm rant over, she just really annoys me!

Moving on, I am related to some guy called Alderman John Norman (of Norwich) who believed that all children should be entitled to an education. He therefore started a fund for his children and relatives, which has grown to become the Alderman Norman Foundation. I am related to him and am therefore entitled to a grant from the foundation for my studies and this year I have just been paid £900!!! 😀 This is for clothes and essentials for university, such as pots and pans etc and of course my beloved Harraps French- English dictionary! And you know maybe the odd night out or treat with my friends! 🙂

AND I got my new address through for my university digs… I’d tell you but there might be some stalkers out there who’ll come and eat me or something!! 😛

But in all I’ve managed to score a full week of work on my last week, so that’s pay day for September sorted! I’m buying a ticket for CARNAGE (dirty doctors and nympho nurses) which will be hilarious!! 😀 And all my uni prep is going well! 😉