Pre-Holiday Panic!

Sooo I’m a little worried about my holiday. My friend Lilli has a back problem and her back recently played up, causing her a lot of pain. She says she’s fine to come on holiday but I can’t help but think she might end up pulling out of the holiday last minute. I know this wouldn’t be her fault but I can’t deny that I’d be majorly disappointed! Plus I know that this holiday, along with other stuff has put a strain on her relationship as her partner isn’t happy with her coming on holiday with me to Turkey… or even in England! Which I don’t understand but hey I don’t wanna cause her any problems so I suppose if she doesn’t come because of that I will understand… it’s not personal to me– it’s just something they have to sort out between them!

Besides, if she does cancel, Shonni said she will come with me! 😀

I’d like Lilli to go, but if she can’t Shonni is just as good! 😉