Surge of Motivation!

Looking through some pictures, I really have realised that I want to lose some weight! I’ve built up a lot of muscle but I do want to drop another 7lbs! So I’ve decided that as well as cycling to work every day (and after I leave my job just cycling) I am going to walk or run everyday!! I must cut out the crap from my diet, and need to eat wayyyy more fruit and drink wayyy more water rather than coffee!!! And I will do this by the time I get to university on 2nd October!!

That gives me 5 weeks but as I’m on holiday for one of those I guess it will be 4 weeks technically!! So I have to lose an average of 2lbs a week and I want to tone myself up– which means stupid crunches and press ups etc! 😦 Not fun but well worth it in the end! Or at least thats what I’m told!! I really just want to be a size 10/12 again!!! 🙂