Busting out The Holiday Tunes!!

Just had a look at the weather in Turkeyyyy!!!!!!! 😀 Its 30 degrees c plus!! wheyyy I am coming back so tanned (without skin cancer) its gonna be ace! AND my Swedish friend Linnea is definitely coming with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited: we haven’t seen each other in 2 years!! Which is complete madness and we can never let it go this long ever again, but we are going all outs toTurkey and it is going to be a week of chilling by the pool, with a book and a drink and going to the beach and larking about like complete planks in the sea! ^_^ I am unbelievably happy right now! 🙂

I have spent the last week packing and getting everything ready for my holiday and so on that I’d almost forgotten about freshers week coming up! But it’s all good, I remembered to buy my tickets for freshers! I am going to several events, including a Zane Lowe set, ministry of sound night, flirt- back to school, pick ‘n’ mix, the Launch (an alien/space themed event!) and my ultimate favourite:


Sooo I’m having a dilemma as to what to wear but I have a gorgeous sparkly purple dress that I’m thinking is a must… but then I need shoes to go with them?! HELP!!!

I also need to invest in my mask but thats okay I’ll post pictures and you guys can let me know which you think is best!! 😉

Me and my Big sister... More importantly my purple dress... Its actually much more sparkly.. Plus I was sozzled!

SOOOO…. any suggestions for shoes that will go really well with this dress then send me the links people! I’m counting on you to help kit me out for Wednesday 5th October…. COUNT DOWN STARTS NOW!!! 😛