Holiday Update- Days 1-3!

So it’s my third day in Turkey and I’m already super brown! … Albeit a tad burnt around the edges, but to be fair only a little pink so nothing that won’t go gorgeously LA-ish!

Day 1

On my first day we arrived a little tired at 3am and decided to stay up until breakfast at 8am (not our most clever idea but it kind of worked for us). So after falling asleep accidentally and being a bit late for breakfast, we headed to the beach which by the way is NOT sandy! In fact it’s very stoney and a bit like grit! But on the whole the sea is gorgeous and blue and I would recommend going for at least one day- it’s ace to see the paragliders coming over you from the top of Babadag mountain!

In the evening we had Turkish pizza with lots of cheese on- yum! They are strange with a sort of omlette texture to them. But mine was lovely: packed with peppers, meat, tomato, aubergines etc. with a nice layr of cheese over the top! … It is very apparent why I’ll NEVER be skinny, but to be honest it was SO worth it!

Day 2

Spent the day by the pool! Lilli stayed in bed quite late today so I lounged round the pool just reading my favourite series of books (the I Heart series by Lindsey Kelk), with a massive bottle of water (I swear I better have freakin’ awesome skin after this week with all the water I’m downing!) practically every hour.

After a hard days work round the pool I had the most delicious shower ever. Lilli works for Lush and got me some of the most amazing products! It is official: I am a Lush Convert!

Shampoo: I Love Juicy

Conditioner: Veganese

Shower Gel: Dirty Springwash

Perfume (A Solid): Lust

More on these later as they deserve a whole post of their own!

Day 3

After another georgously sunny day by the pool where I was spoiled by bowls of fruit, profiteroles and scrummy breakfast, not to mention the ice- creams! – I went back to the hotel room for a shower and to get ready for dinner! Which we had a reservation at a place called The Buzz Bar (that I highly recommend: especially the rooftop terrace!).

Now onto my favourite topic: COCKTAILS!

So far I’ve had a Margharita, cosmopolitan, a strawberry mojito, and a sex on the beach (you can’t beat the classics!) And my god they were good! But again, more on those when I do my in-depth reviews! 🙂

At the Buzz Bar there was a waiter, later nicknamed the Flirty Waiter, who took a liking to me (How embarrassing!). He gave me a flower and was cute– in a really cheesy but not-my-type kind of way– but I am not the kind of girl who sleeps around. Especially not when I’m abroad. In Turkey. But you know… A little harmless flirting couldn’t hurt. Right?!

So anyway, now I’m lurking about on the balcony scribbling all this down in a notebook (so I could blog as soon as I got back!). Me and Lilli are chatting about life, the universe and everything which is nice as we haven’t been able to just talk for absolutely ages! 😀