Last Day, Epiphany of The Single Girl and a Hint of Honesty!

Last Day

So far, we’ve spent the last day hibernating in our room. I’ve showered and pretty much repacked my suitcase, read another book which now brings the total up to 4, plus a magazine and chilled out on the bed. It’s only one O’clock and already I’m wishing it was time to leave. I really cannot wait to get back to see everyone! Most of all my big sister who it seems has had some boy stuff going on while I’ve been away! Which is typical– trust all the interesting stuff to happen on the one week a year I go away! 😛 But to be honest, I also want to get back and start focusing on uni stuff. I still have lots of things to buy and Shonni is going to come and help with my wardrobe for uni! And I want to find out how things went with my girls picking up the keys to their first ever house!!

I’m also a little sick of guy talk: in particular my own. I hate that I’ve thought about a guy, texted said guy and talked about him. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a girl and I like guys but, since when did I feel the need to rely on a guy? I guess I just don’t want to lose myself to someone else. I mean I’m still finding out who I am and what I want: I don’t need to spend time pining for something that, let’s face it, will probably never happen. I am moving to Colchester in… 17 days. It’s a whole new life, a new adventure and I don’t really want to be held back by a) my past (in H-Town) and b) a boy. Least of all by a guy!! It’s silly seeing my friends happy with boyfriends, new and old, but realising for what seems like the first time in my life, that I am truly and completely content with being single. After all, I got to where I am by myself and it seems stupid to change that or jeopardize that (who I am) for a guy. I don’t need a guy to validate me.. I’m enough all by myself!! 😀

Hmm, moving on from my epiphany, we’re going to hide out here until about 3 ish… Then go out for dinner and buy some gifts before lurking about in reception for our transfer at 10 pm!


Anyway, we’ve had dinner now and it’s still only 4.40pm. Only another century before we get on our transfer and something tells me that it’s going to be one of those times that drags on seeming much much longer than it actually is! And then it will be another 3 drawn out hours at the airport before we get on the plane and then, knowing my luck it really will be the flight from hell!!! Can you tell I just want to get back to civilisation already and that the heat is making me a tad cranky?! And so is the man behind me, who is crashing around with his suitcase, only serving to annoy me even more! GRR!!

It’s so hot and the hotel can’t even provide any kind of decent service for those checking out before 4pm! It’s just crap! So now I’m sitting, slowly roasting in reception, with no money, no water and no air-con… Not even a fan! So I’m listening to angsty angry girl music. Yay. ¬¬

And to be ignored by the hotel just because we’ve checked out somehow gives me some entitlement to be angry. }=(


Two and a half hours to go… Homeless. Foodless. Soon to be lifeless! I cannot believe that it’s only 7.30pm. It’s so dull it’s unreal! OMG! Roll on paying an extra £100 next year for daytime flights! Or maybe £200 on a better hotel who will let us keep our room for the rest of the evening! Grr, that makes me angry!

AND to add insult to injury, they are serving food that we aren’t allowed to eat! 😦 Oh I’m gonna be so freakin happy to get out of this place now. This hotel, Turkey… The lot.


We’re on the flight!!!!!! After the check in from hell (seriously it took over an hour, they are so slow) and boarding being held up by an afro wig wearing tranny (for real) we FINALLY got on the airplane where the random dude next to me decided to eat something that seriously made me want to vom. And then he went to sleep whilst releasing gas. EWWWW!!! I always get stuck next to space hogging weirdos who have freaky fetishes of some kind. Why can I never have a petite girl or a really hot guy next to me??!

I really can’t wait to get home now, it’s becoming silly! 😛 I know all I seem to be able to write about is getting home but I’ve had a bit of a weird week!