Holiday Update- Days 4-6!

Day 4

I started today at 9am, at breakfast. Lilli didn’t sleep well again so she stayed in bed and I had breakfast by myself, which was okay as I had lots of watermelon! One of my favourite fruits if I’m honest.

Later on we had planned to have a Turkish Sea Clay Mask!! It sounded a bit weird but at the same time quite cool. But Lilli didn’t have the money and I wasn’t going to force her to wait an hour and a half while I was being “masked” in sea clay!

I’ll head to the pool in a bit (I have to cream up first) and work on my tan for a little longer and be super tanned for uni in a couple of weeks. Speaking of which, it’s only two and a half weeks until I move in!! I am stupidly excited it’s unreal! It feels like it has been a long time coming. Who knows?!

Day 5

So I’m thinking I might get a Turkish massage or something on the last day. Probably in the morning while Lilli’s asleep, but we’ll see how money goes for the next couple of days. On another note, our room has finally been cleaned after 4 days, so we now have clean towels and bed sheets. We would have had it done sooner but Lilli accidentally left the DO NOT DISTURB sign up, but still, they could have come back later!

We’re heading out for a kebab later hopefully, for dinner! I’ll let you know what it’s like! 🙂

Day 6

Okay, so we ended up having Italian for dinner last night instead of a kebab. It was nice but you know, pasta is pasta in any country other than Italy- then it’s heaven on a plate!

The last few nights I’ve been going to bed quite early which is doing the bags under my eyes the world of good, plus with all the water I’m drinking my black rings are almost gone. Tomorrow is our last day and I’ve packed everything pretty much. I plan to lurk about by the pool tomorrow before showering and munching on some dinner! I’m looking forward to going home: it’s been a fairly lonely holiday to be honest, I don’t want to sound mean but Lilli slept through a lot of it. =/

I must admit that although I love the sun, and I do LOVE the sun, I’ll be glad to get home. I’ve been deprived of coffee for a week because the brown water they call coffee here, doesn’t count, and it’s knocking on almost 40 degrees Celsius! I really want to just go back to England where, okay it’s probably snowing already, but I’ll have my thermals! Besides, I love winter where you come in from the bitter cold, shed your outer layers before settling on the sofa with a hot drink and a book, your hands tingling as they begin to warm up! Okay okay, so winter is secretly my favourite time of year! I love the array of winter fashion: the coats, the scarves but more importantly, the HATS!! The berets, the baker boys, the cute woolly ones, the deer stalkers and my ace green hat with the tassels. 😀

Hmm remembering this has made me think of a picture in which I am a) wearing grey skinny jeans and b) much thinner! I have had my weight play on my mind a lot this weeks but haven’t really done anything about it or worried about what I’m eating, so when I get back I’ll be eating salads and doing excessive exercise for the remaining 2 weeks before uni! I am still determined to get to 10 1/2 stones by christmas and then I’ll see how I look and feel before I vow to get down to 10 stone, but that is my ultimate goal weight! Besides, I think joining the volleyball team at uni will definitely help!

Anyway like I said; I’m glad to be going home. I’m all packed and ready to roll– hoping that our transfer this year will go much more smoothly than last year… When they forgot me and my cousin and we nearly missed our flight!!! Which, coincidentally, turned out to be the flight of doom!  But until then I have another day to work on my tan and eat more ice-cream! 😛