Masquerade Ball Preparation!

SOO basically like I have posted before I’m going to the masquerade ball during freshers week. And I have decided to funk it up a bit. It’s a uni event so it’s difficult to know what to wear: uni event suggests short but dressy dress, but on the other hand you have the fact that it’s a ball, which suggests long gowns. So being a tad quirky I’m mixing it up a bit: I’m wear a 70’s style jumpsuit.

It’s absolutely gorgeous and is a cross between dressy and uni chic! Check it out guys:

The sexy jumpsuit ❤

I’m gonna change the belt, add some amazing shoes, and a gorgeous bag (any reason to splurge) and have my hair curly! Let me know what you think people as this is crucial! 😀 Besides, i still need your help finding a mask!!! 😉