Operation Fit and Fabulous!

So you may have heard something about this on the wind.. Well, I’m going to fill you in!

Operation Fit and Fabulous is a 3 month mission to get us lovely ladies feeling just that: Fit and Fabulous! We will be shimmying, shaking, running and reviewing our way to a better “us”. We will measure our bodies and keep you updated on our goals and progress, whilst giving you our best tips for improving your health and gaining more self-confidence.

Set up by Jane, my favouritest Beach Bum (find her here on twitter: @beachbumbeauty) has set up this gig as a support group and forum where we can all motivate each other and try to keep the Operation going right up until Christmas so that we are feeling our very best! So if you’re interested in following our progress and getting little tips to help you feel FABULOUS (not that you aren’t already) or even join the gang, then visit us here at: http://beachbumbeautyblog.com/operation-fit-and-fabulous/

We will be getting weekly missions in order to feel Fit and Fabulous and hope that you’ll join us on this incredible journey!! 😀

Join us on our Missions!