Feeling Fabulous!

I’ve just had my hair cut and I feel AMAZING! Really. I’ve been growing my hair from a short bob that I had cut in (due to too much hair-dying) way back in April 2010 and it is now just past my shoulders and at a length I really love, so I thought I’d get a bit more of a style cut into it! Now I feel fabulous.

Not only has having my haircut given me a confidence boost but it also keeps it looking healthy which helps me in my Operation Fit and Fabulous journey, as my overall image will appear much healthier. I cannot recommend enough getting your hair re-styled or even just trimmed as it will rid you of those scruffy split ends and make you feel beautiful.

On another note, I haven’t been able to complete my body brushing mission yet, as I don’t have a body brush but I am moisturising everyday and telling myself that actually, I’m not ugly, and I might only be average, but at least I am me and I’m a nice person, which truly does make me beautiful. This is something we can all believe in: if we go by in life and do good deeds like smiling at someone unexpected or saying hello to an elderly person in the street, then we can genuinely say we are nice people and that my friends is what truly makes us beautiful. So quit giving yourselves a hard time okay and remember that you are all fabulous!! 😀


  1. Be nice to myself: CHECK
  2. Exercise: STARTED
  3. Sleep more: CHECK
  4. Drink 2 Litres of water per day: CHECK
  5. Body Brushing: OOPS!
I have drunk more than 2 litres today so far which is good and I know that it does have an amazing effect on my skin because when I was on holiday I was drinking about 4 litres of water a day and my skin was unbelievable so keep going people: we know you can do it!! 🙂
Visit:  http://beachbumbeautyblog.com/operation-fit-and-fabulous/  to find out more about Operation Fit and Fabulous! 😉