All’s Hair in Love and War!!

Have you ever felt like ripping your hair out because let’s face it, it just won’t go right?! Like many of us women (and lovely gents) my hair is my pride and joy and when it won’t stay in a style or is just looking a bit dull then that is it– I hate it! There have been tears and tantrums over the years and money frittered away on products left, right and centre!

My hair is dead straight naturally and all I ever hear from people is “Ohh I wish my hair was like that!” or “I have to straighten my hair everyday for that look” which is great, that other people like my hair… Except I have always wanted curly hair, for as long as I could remember! And then when titanic was released I took one look at Kate Winslet’s hair and decided some day my hair HAD to be the same. I loved the colour, the style and how beautiful she looked. Probably because at that young and impressionable age, I thought that by replicating this look I would someday be just as beautiful.

However, having curled my hair once and using a whole bottle of “Extra strong hold setting lotion” on my hair, along with half a can of hairspray only for the curls to drop out an hour later, I came to realise that my hair, unless curled by a hairdresser, would never stay nice and curly. So I opted for the next best thing: beach waves and volume.

I have experimented with many various products and whittled them down to my two favourites! Ladies and Gents, I give you Wella Professionals Pearl Styler and Proffs Ocean Mist.

Wella Professionals Pearl Styler: 

This product might seem a bit pricey for such a small bottle (usually around £11+) but if you know where to look then you can get it for a mere £8.10 ( and that is with free delivery worldwide! What a bargain!!

The reason I love Pearl Styler is because it can dress your hair up or down. I’ve had a few layers cut into my- now quite long- hair, which means I am now able to mess is up or wear it sleek and smooth. Pearl Styler is great for either of these:

Rock Chick: 

Squeeze out a large blob of product (just bigger than a pea) and rub it onto your hands. Fluff up your hair with the product, to create a mussed look. If your feeling really brave turn your head upside down and mess up your hair that way, then spray all over with medium-strong hairspray in order to keep the style all day AND night!

Park Avenue Princess:

Again squeeze out a small blob of product (No larger than a pea) and rub onto your hands. Lightly dust over your hair with your hands, so that the product just catches the top layers of your hair. This allows the product to show off these layers without the harsh rocker look. This will give you a smooth finish, and to top off the look add a cute hair band to make any Park Avenue Princess jealous!

Dress This Bad Boy Up or Down!!

Proffs Ocean Mist

Recently discovered (about a week ago), Ocean Mist is perfect for giving my hair volume and wave. With this product I can get beach ready hair in seconds! It doesn’t give perfectly formed beach waves, this much I will admit, but that is mostly because my hair is so straight! Anyone with a natural wave or curl to their hair would have surfer chick hair with 2 squirts! 😀

However my hair is straight, so I can manage to get volume and a fairly tousled look to my hair with Proffs Ocean Mist.

Surf’s Up- For Straight Hair:

Apply after washing. Wait until your hair is half dry (or if like me you are very impatient, blow dry most of the water out) before holding the bottle 15cm away from your hair and squirt ALL OVER! Then turn your head upside down and squirt the underneath of your hair with the product (this gives maximum volume) before fluffing/tousling your hair into position. Spray with hairspray and rock that look!

Surf’s Up- For Curly/ Wavy Hair:

Apply wet or dry. Hold bottle 15cm away from hair and apply ALL OVER. Tousle hair (for light waves) or run fingers through already curly hair for maximum volume and curl. Spray with hairspray if you feel the need and off you roll! 😉

Perfect Beach Hair in a Bottle!

The only downfall to this product is that it’s a Swedish brand and so immensely difficult to get hold of (unless you fancy a holiday in Sweden?) but if you find anywhere that delivers to the UK then clue me in!! 🙂

Let’s end the war and learn to love our hair again!! 🙂