Imedeen Me Up!

Keep your hair shiny with Imedeen

So I got back from my Grandma’s house this morning to find a surprise package from @beachbumbeauty containing a 2 month supply of Imedeen Hair and Nail supplements. This is part of our Operation Fit and Fabulous, and a mission for Week 2. Starting by taking one Imedeen tablet per day with a meal in order to improve the condition of my hair (which given that dying it makes it a little dull at times) and my nails (Which take every opportunity they can to snap off) in an aid to help me feel fit and fabulous!

Not only is Imedeen a natural supplement, it is safe to use long-term, with no nasty side effects etc. In fact, the only side effects you will get is super swishy hair and beautiful nails (and that’s before the manicure!). It will take a few weeks to take effect but I will be keeping you updated with how my hair and nails start changing and whether or not they are a worthy investment!!

Imedeen helps keep nails strong...