My Life in Boxes

It’s exactly 8 days until I fly the nest and move to university. Most of my life is in boxes and suitcases and little things I keep thinking I must NOT forget! Photographs and frames, posters and other little things that make my room at home mine. I hope to make my room at uni my home too and there’s a sense of melancholic lust for something more than just moving out. I want a home that I can call my own and a place that, when I close the door behind me, I think: THIS is all mine. But at the same time it’s terrifying. Moving out? I’m going to have to grow up now! 😛 No, it’s going to be weird because in a way I’m losing my best friend. My mum and I are really close and we talk about everything all the time and to think that I can’t come back and just spaz out or talk and laugh etc. makes me quite sad. I know I’ll find new friends and she’ll be able to come and visit but it really isn’t the same! On the other hand I need to move out before me and my family clash too much! Only so many adults can live in one house at a time you know! 😉

But anyway, here I am with my life in boxes, thinking what an adventure this year is going to be! I am excited, terrified and sad all in one. Happy but weirded out completely … So this time next week I’ll be sat here nervously waiting for the morning, when I’ll be moving out of H-Town and into Uni!