Welcome to the Vlogging World!

Okay so last night I found inspiration for my blog… A VLOG!!! Yes I know I’m 20 I’m supposed to know all about new media technologies etc etc, However I am a technical dunce!

So Vlogging, what is it? Basically it’s a video blog. Rather than typing it up, you say it and film yourself and post the video….

This for me is pretty scary as 1) I hate being on camera and 2) I hate being on camera! Oh and because I’m bound to mess up somewhere along the way, which I did this time– the sound quality is a bit rubbish and quiet and the editor wouldn’t let me increase the audio!

But anyways, I have embarked alongside Operation Fit and Fabulous, on the Weight Loss Challenge!! It takes 10 weeks to complete during which you eat healthier food, exercise more and give yourself a weekly goal weight loss of something actually achievable: mine is between 2-4lbs a week… I say this knowing it’s going to be most likely 2lbs rather than 4lbs!! 😛

Here is the link to my Vlog: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6F6rH_u7Fc



Hope you enjoy it!