Finally Fitting In!

So after a tough few days of feeling awkward and not really having many friends, I finally fitted in at university. I went to some talks and welcome meetings for my course and here I met some lovely people, especially Emily. 🙂

So really I didn’t need to worry too much, however it’s still strange that yes although classes have begun, we are all still quite separated as friends. I guess this will change as we all get to know each other more but to me its all kind of weird.


Anyway, moving on! Recently I read a post on Ali’s blog, about running routes in Australia compared to here in the UK. Not only has it made me want to run, but has also made me look at whether I’m physically capable of doing so (apparently not in my current physical–haha– state). I’ve always seen people running and those who say they have just started running but can run for hours and stuff without building it up first. Tell me, am I doing something wrong, because I can barely run without feeling like I’m hyperventilating or about to explode (double this image with my puce coloured face and that’s one attractive girl!) How can people go on casual runs so easily? If you know the answer let me  know because yesterday I went for a run, and yes granted the campus is very hilly, I only made it 20 mins in before feeling like I’d left my stomach somewhere near the lakes!

In the meantime I have taken up volleyball– and people think lacrosse is more violent?– and am joining badminton this saturday, which I hope will improve my (non-existent) fitness and my social group! 🙂 Wish me luck because lord knows I’m gonna need it… And I’ll post the link to my next video blog in my next post!