Hitting Myself Hard!

Okay so the title makes me sound self abusive and apparently I am… just not physically. This week around campus I’ve notice more and more girls who seem really happy.. But are nowhere near my size. So I figured what better way to motivate myself to get off my backside and DO something than to spend £60 on the campus gym and £70 on a new pair of running shoes? Let’s face it: no student is crazy enough to spend that kind of money without putting it to good use! I mean really that’s £130 I could waste if I didn’t use it!!!

So I have a confession to make. I haven’t exactly been on the ball with operation Fit and Fabulous. With moving in and trying to make friends and all that partying in my first week, my emotions were all over the place! So to kick start myself I went running and was horrified to realise that I could only run outdoors for 20 minutes before nearly passing out! I used to be able to run for 40 on a treadmill! So I’m really angry with myself, for not being able to do something that I could do just last April in a gym! Anyway, if the truth be known, I’ve been keeping up with the water and body brushing and diary of Operation Fit and Fabulous but I’m too scared to take my measurements. I literally HATE looking at myself in the mirror and I’m really glad that my room at uni only has a small mirror at head height.


So something makes me think that if Operation Fit and Fabulous is going to work then I am going to have to commit to it fully.

DON’T judge me okay guys I really need your support in this:

Chest 36”

Waist 34 ”

Hips 40”

Thigh 26”

Energy 5/10

Positivity 5/10

This is horrible for me… I am 20 years old and a physical failure and I hate it so much. But like I said in my previous post: I’m starting Volleyball and Badminton and going to start running around campus: This should by rights help me lose weight right?! :O

Anyway these are my sexy new running trainers:

My babies! =D


Well any tips for me let me know! 🙂 After all, a new exercise regime was on the Single Girl’s To-Do List!! 😉