Setting Tongues Wagging!

It appears that us Operation Fit and Fabulous are a topic of conversation among ourselves. As we update our progress in OFAF, it seems as if there are a few rushes of emotions, all different and all equally important. I’ve just read a blog by @ali_edgar ( and it seems we’ve set tongues wagging and thoughts spiralling.

Lately I’ve been pretty down, I’ve found it difficult to fit in, what with my flatmates all having friends elsewhere on campus already, been stressed for trying to get to class etc. And as you’ve probably read I’m absolutely gutted that I can’t run like I used to! So I was pretty hard on myself and wasn’t being very nice to myself (not very OFAF friendly!) because I didn’t feel like I deserved to be nice. But after reading Ali’s post ( I have come to realise that it’s true: we DO put ourselves down to help make others feel more comfortable and included. And by doing so we forget about our own achievements or if like me you were ever bullied, and get told something enough times, you start to actually believe it.

So Ali came up with a FANTASTIC idea in order for me to feel good about the little achievements that I make each day:

For every piece of coursework I do each day, I get to award myself 50p and the same goes for if I exercise or go for a run and don’t eat junk! This adds up to a maximum of £1.50 a day which to be honest is quite a lot. I think what I’ll do is I’ll see if there’s something I really want (which coincidentally there is: a really cute hat for winter! See picture below) and at the end of each week I will see how much I have to put towards that item!

This is a really good way to motivate me and help me realise that actually I shouldn’t focus on what I didn’t achieve but to focus on what I did! And to look at myself positively rather than giving myself a mental and emotional battering.

Some of the things I could buy with my hard earned reward money:

  • New Tunes to run to.
  • Nail Polish
  • New Make Up
  • Lush goodies
  • Sweat bands
But what I really want is this super cute hat from River Island and its £18 but TOTALLY cute and I want it very muchly! 😛

How cute is this Hat??? =D