The Stride of Pride (not the drunken one!)

Today I received an email telling me that my beautiful beautiful Nike trainers had been dispatched, which means they will be with me by next week!! Not only that but I invested in some running capris and full length joggers (for badminton and volleyball) from Next today and will be donning my new gear tomorrow after mid-day.

The excitement of all of this, the prospect of wearing something new for my exercise, and the surge of motivation it has given me: sure today when I went for my jog on campus I looked like crap in cut off joggers and a baggy tee shirt, but I will soon have my babies AND new running clothes… Not only will I look like a runner, but I will FEEL more like a runner and that in itself gives me inspiration and hope that running is actually a hobby I envision myself doing.

I realise now that after 3 years of not jogging, I’m never going to be as fit as I was back then. So running is going to take at least 4 weeks to take an effect on my body but I will persevere as I have already imagined the look on my face after I complete my first successful run! Sad but true!

Now OBVIOUSLY to become a good runner I don’t need to be faffing about with my accessories like keys, change and my mp3 player. So, I bought me a pair of new headphones (my lovely blue ones are wearing up a little now, but I can now accessorize with 2 colours) in GREEN and an armband with a pocket on it for me to put my mp3 player, keys, phone etc etc!

Running with a Rainbow!

Also, I’ve invested in “Zest: Running Made Easy (Zest Magazine)” @ZESTmagazine which has LOADS of tips for beginners, how to eat properly, good warming up exercises and how to be the best runner you can. For me, I am a complete novice at running really so to learn about the nutrition best for runners, how to increase my stamina and what the different techniques used in running are!

I got mine from for about £4.00, so for me it was worth investing in– especially as I can’t afford to buy health and fitness magazines every couple of weeks (they’re pretty expensive you know!)… But like I said, I’m serious about running. I used to run for stress relief and to tire me out so my insomnia wasn’t so bad but now I want the enjoyment of achieving a run, the endorphin’s it provides (yes I’m aware that I now sound like a junkie!) and I want to have confidence. I want to achieve a STRIDE OF PRIDE!!!

So yeah! Any tips you want to share with me and other novice runners, feel free to comment below! 🙂