Operation Fit and Fabulous!

So for the last couple of weeks we’ve been setting out on our little missions and  here it the basic round- up of how I’ve been doing:

  1.  Body brushing: CHECK!! This has changed my skin, making it smoother and softer and it now absorbs moisturiser more easily.
  2. Drinking Water: CHECK! I actually easily do my 8 glasses a day and more if I’m exercising!
  3. 5 a day: CHECK! I’m a 5 a day girl anyway– veg comes with dinner and I tend to snack on fruit!
  4. Diary: Hmmm maybe not so much at this: I’m not only terrified of what will come out but I just can’t seem to make time in the mornings to do it!! I’ll keep at it though!
  5. Making time for me: Uhhh sort of! I do make time for me where I get to watch some tv or go for a walk but I can’t seem to shake the feeling that I’m wasting time- like I should be doing things with more worth!
  6. Snazzing it up: I LOVE LOVE LOVE cooking! So I got inspired by watching Jamie’s Food Revolution (the man’s a genius) and found some absolutely wonderful recipes online, including currys, roasts, pastas and the best part? They were ALL low in fats!
How am I feeling then? Overall I feel good. I’ve struggled with parts and picking up running again has made whole hell of  a difference! I feel like I know I can achieve something– but it will take work. I was absolutely horrified by my measurements last week (hey I’m 20, I’m allowed to freak out!) but already I’ve seen a change so I’m soaring on that at the moment! I am struggling to keep up with the journal but I think as long as I can jot down my main feelings whenever possible then I’ll get the gyst of my journey when I look back… And I’m sure that when I do I’ll remember how I felt at every moment!!!
Products I love: WELEDA cellulite oil– who new that something could (not eradicate) but minimise almost completely that horrid orange peel that we all suffer from at least once in our lives?! Well there you go: use this and I can tell you– you’ll be donning your short in December just to show off your pins!!
I really just want to say thanks to all the Fit and Fabulous girlies for rallying round when I fell off the wagon or went off the rails a bit: could not have made it this far without my cheerleaders!! I love you all! 😉

Me and My friend Emily... Feeling Fabulous at Pendulum!