It’s a Boy-Girl Thing

When we’re young everything is centered around looking our best to impressed… Boys in particular. Now I have never been that girl, the one that cakes on the make up and dresses in the clothes that she thinks will impress the most boys. The girl who flirted and gave guys what they wanted… No I was never ever that girl. And I’m proud that I was in actual fact, the geek who wasn’t uncool but certainly wasn’t Miss Popular. I was the girl who marched to her own beat, defied the bullies by dying my hair the unspeakable colour (ginger) and wearing skinny jeans– without heels (!) and listened to any music I liked, from classic rock to chart toppers. I didn’t fit into any one group, I was a bitch but only when standing up for me or my own friends. I survived but only just, as I fought my way through the names (it’s surprising how much it affects you when a kid 2 years younger asks whether you’re a lesbian, because thats what everyone was saying!) and the toilet scraps because I knew that if I didn’t that I would never ever get out of the place that was my personal hell. Now don’t get me wrong I love my hometown, it’s actually a beautiful place, good shopping, great education and LOADS of greenery everywhere. It’s just a majority of the people who live there are really below the belt nasty, or dirty or just dossers! I know this will offend people, but there are not many nice people in H-Town. The few that there are either get out or are so few and far between, that you don’t actually meet them.

So, we get out! And I got out by going to uni… But apparently I’m kinda that girl! This is definitely news to me… But over the last few weeks there have been some comments that make me think, can boys and girls be just friends without a hidden agenda? I personally think that us gals and guys can be friends with sexual intentions casual or otherwise. I mean really, I get on with guys so much better! I can be myself and generally not worry about what I’m doing or how I look etc. So why is it that because I make an effort with how I look for when I go out, and I dance with guys or am friendly (hugs and banter) with my male friends, why is it that suddenly I’m that girl?

I dance sure, I laugh and make jokes with my friends and I hug ALL my friends when greeting them. When did it become common place to assume that we either like someone or want to “jump their bones” just because we are friends with the opposite sex? So is it a Boy-Girl thing or can we keep our sex lives and our friendships separate or is it all the same thing?

All I know is that yeah, I may dance with guys, hug them and yes probably flirt a little, but that doesn’t mean in anyway that I want to get on my best friends crush, my other best friends wingman or the guy from the badminton team!!! In fact despite having an addiction to kissing, I have been the ultimate good girl and NOT kissed anyone in the last 3 months. I had to avoid certain people at the UV Bubble party, because I’m simply just not interested. I am happy just being on my own having fun and discovering myself all over again. University has so much to offer and so much to discover about life and myself, and I don’t feel the need for a boyfriend at the moment. It would be nice it’s true, but it’s not something I am bothered about or desperate for! 😛

So really, it is a Boy-Girl thing, but only with certain boys and girls… You can’t help it if you’re attracted to someone right?! 😉