Catch 22…

Firstly, let me apologise for my absence.. although now you should be much more fond of me! So, I am sorry I haven’t posted in what seems like months. Secondly, let me explain why.

As you know I suffer from depression and basically the last few weeks I have been struggling a bit with it. I felt down so I did nothing, I did nothing and felt down because of it. Thus the catch 22. However, it’s time to turn a new page, suck it up and try to get myself back to reality. I am making myself get out there and go for a drink with friends, I’m forcing myself to go for a run every other day… If I don’t get out in the world, then I’ll fail at everything. My doctor told me yesterday to focus on NOW. Just three little letters: N-O-W. I don’t need to worry about the past (I can’t change it) and I don’t know what the future holds (it hasn’t happened yet) so really, the only thing I can do is work on the present.. So, not only am I going to start meditating again (Don’t knock it until you’ve really tried it) in order to clear my mind– which is apparently broken according to my doctor– and running in order to produce endorphins.. Lord knows I need them!

But basically I just wanted to explain my absence and that hopefully, things will improve and you will be hearing from me much more often!