Operation Fit and Fabulous weeks 7-9!

Okay so the round up of weeks 7-9 of Operation Fit and Fabulous is due: so here goes!

Week 7: Treat Yourself.

I found this quite difficult to do as I often don’t feel that I deserve to be treated. So after a lot of thought (and budgeting) I thought I’d dye my hair… As a red-head (light ginger) I was wondering what colour I could go; brunette looks AWFUL on me (no joke!) But I couldn’t really go blonde– it would just go peach! And there was no way I was going to put any form of bleach on my hair! So I decided to go RED for Christmas, sort of little mermaid red, which I have been before!  However, it didn’t exactly turn out the way I wanted it. As soon as I put the dye on my hair, I had the most terrible gut feeling that it was a mistake. And exactly as I thought it would, when I washed it out and dried my hair, the colour looked awful! It came out too dark, patchy and I realised that red was okay when I was 17, but I wasn’t that person anymore. In fact, I was so far from who I was then that I cried– HOW was this a treat????

Trying to smile, but hate the hair too much!

So after as much (deperate) research as possible, I found a product that would lighten my hair without the use of bleach or stripping agents! How was that possible? I was a bit dubious as to whether it would work so I looked up some videos on youtube… This product ACTUALLY worked! So what is it?? I hear you scream at me: Colour B4 by Scott Cornwall. It’s a hair colour remover and basically what it does is it shrinks the colour molecules in the hair to restore you hair to the lightest natural shade possible. Now, even though I saw the results online, I was still worried that it wouldn’t work! But I gave it a go anyway (my hair looked shocking so what did I have to lose?!) and my first initial thought was: it stinks of rotten eggs! But after a few minutes, it wasn’t so bad… and after another 5 minutes My roots were changing colour: they had turned a light ginger again! I kept applying, thinking that the faster I did it, the faster I’d see the results!! So after a lengthy process of leaving the product on my hair for an hour (with a bag on by head) and the special rinsing instructions, I brushed out my hair: it was a yellow gold (but not the tacky kind!) I blow dried it and it went a brilliant gold with a slightly brassy shine and I was AMAZED!!! It was SO light compared to the god-awful red above. The greatest thing, is that because there are no stripping agents or bleach in it, you can dye your hair straight after: GREAT NEWS!!! (Y) I put Nice’N’Easy Light Ash Blonde (102) on my hair… and this is the result!


So for £20 (for the disaster AND the correction) it really was treat after all!! Well… In the end! 😛

Week 8: Laugh a Lot

In my last post I promised that I was going to live in the “now” and was going to go out with my friends more. Last Friday I went out with my friend Emily. We went to town and raided the charity shops (cheap clothes and a good deed!) and I had an absolutely amazing day! It was so fun and I spent most of the day laughing and smiling. After we went back to Emily’s house and made chocolate cake and then headed back to mine for dinner (I’d have gone out for a meal but I couldn’t afford it) but I had a really fun day!

I also went for lunch with Shonni on Tuesday in the SU Bar, after an immense badminton session, and then she came over to mine before she headed off for a drink with one of her other friends! And we laughed a lot then too!

And last night I went for a drink with Emily, who needed some advice and it was great to feel that I could help, and it was so great to have someone else who knows what has happened in my life and that I can help her because of it! 😀

So for week 8 I’m not doing too badly!!

Week 9: Help Somebody

Well as I just said: I helped my friend Emily by giving her some advice (and we raided the charity shops and spent money in them!) and you know what? It made me feel really good about myself!!

I’m also going to start an Air and Share at uni with Blurt… I feel that coming to Uni has been quite difficult to adjust to and I’m pretty sure there are other people who feel the same. It would have been great for me to share those feelings and that if there are any other feelings throughout the year, there will be somewhere for us to talk about it! When I get my pack through, I’m going to propose to the student support that we hold them, in conjunction with Blurt. This will not only help beat the stigma of Depression but will help make awareness on campus and provide a place where people can express how they are feeling without judgement!!

So all in all I am kicking the ass of weeks 7-9 and feeling good about it! I’m also kicking butt when it comes to keeping a diary!! I am truly starting to feel fabulous– especially as I lost 4lbs this week!!! 😀


**If you want some more advice on Nice n Easy Light Ash Blonde then click here for a post I wrote more recently!** 🙂