My Little Projects

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, I have a few things on the go project-wise.

  • Writing a novel: I love writing stories, for as long as I can remember! When I was young I  wrote a story about “fruit” people who found a cave that lead to a tunnel and they found magic doors etc. My imagination has always gone a little bit crazy when I write, I just love that anything can happen!

Where the Word Magic happens!


  • Belly Dancing: I took this up about a year ago but haven’t stuck at it too well. It’s one of my goals NOT to quit things so easily, so I have taken it back up and I’m learning pretty fast! 🙂 I want to teach a class at university for beginners eventually but if not then it’s not a big deal, I will have learnt it for me anyway!

BOOM! Belly Dancing! This was last year though! =P

  •  I make Jewellery. With Swarovski Crystals because they are just so damn sparkly in the summer! I make earrings and ankle chains and when I have some extra money I’m going to make some bracelets too. Its fun and is a creative outlet for me, plus the ankle chains are ALWAYS the centre of attention in the sunshine, either round by the pool on holiday or just strolling along in the park: Everybody notices them! 😀

Just a little stall I had when I first started! =)


So those are my three side projects that I have going on at the moment, alongside my running and fundraising for Blurt.

Interested in anything? Drop me a line and I’ll get back to you the best I can amigos! 🙂