Putting Pen to Paper!

It’s no secret that many of us love technology and most likely we all have laptops and mobile phones of our own. BUT, will we ever be able to turn our backs on good old fashioned notebooks, story books and lists on paper! Because let’s face it, nothing beats the flow of the pen as the words travel from your brain to the paper, the smell of an old book and having that trusty moth-eaten list of groceries you have to buy!

Who doesn't love a notebook?









As I have already told you, I’m writing a novel (I hope) that I want to get published, and for me, sitting in front of my computer screen and tapping out the words just doesn’t happen for me… Blogging straight onto the computer, no problem. Writing my book? Impossible. I have so many notebooks that I scribble ideas and thoughts in, just on the off chance that they will come in handy some day, that sitting in front of a blank screen just makes my mind empty out like a sieve!

So it doesn’t come as a surprise when I look at my battered notebook, with coffee rings and curling corners, and ideas start pouring into my head, of settings and characters, personality traits and exciting adventures! It’s just one of those things that your brain associates with a comfort I suppose. I wrote a lot of stories when I was a child and we didn’t have a computer until I was about 7 or 8, so I used to spend my pocket money on notebooks instead! And like a true geek, I do love my stationary! 🙂