The ULTIMATE sporting event of the year happened at University this week;


  • Harvard vs Yale…
  • Oxford vs Cambridge…
  • Bath vs York


But Essex vs UEA!

Basically all the different sports teams played UEA and we thrashed them!!! “Oh UEA, are full of…” Well you get it! There was banter going about, Essex busting on UEA and UEA coming back at us. Which is typical for universities, even during the day when beer was served and people got merry, things were relatively civilised… So WHY can we not all manage to get along in a club? For reals, I just don’t understand! Clubs are pushy and people get rowdy at night clubs anyway, but put winners together with losers after a hell of a lot of pre-drinking and you have nothing short of carnage (no pun intended there for all those who have seen a university Carnage club crawl– it gets messy!)!

So after a free ticket (worth £10) for a 3 venue event, I put on my party shoes and donned a sparkly dress ready to dance into the night. Or so I thought. Having seen the huge queue we decided to get in line and get into the club before we were left waiting in line at 2am still trying to get in whilst freezing our butts off! Anyway, I digress. We got into the club that was pretty empty at this point, but was filling up sharpish… with UEA and Essex students. Half an hour later and it was jammed, with hundreds of students who were smashed out of their faces with alcohol. Which probably wouldn’t have bothered me had I a) not been sober b) not encountered so many twats. I don’t really use offensive words on my blog but seriously UEA cannot be described in any other way!!! I’m sure Essex were as bad but when you get some UEA dude ask you if you’re from Essex Uni, before deliberately throwing his drink down me when I said that I was, you kind of get a little bit pissed off! WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE???

  1. For a start they were at the UNIVERSITY OF ESSEX, not on home turf: Have some RESPECT!
  2. Elbowing and shoving everyone wearing Essex colours is not cool… We were just dancing.
  3. Starting fights because you’re sore LOSERS! Just.. Go Home!
  4. Pissing on my best friend and her boyfriend in the middle of Sub-Zero’s dance floor? Really?

So you see what I mean when I say that UEA Derby Day participants were complete and utter TWATS! It has made me so angry that they came to our uni, got whipped and then because they can’t take having the trophy taken from them, they decide to deface not only our University but our students too?? WHO PEES ON SOMEONE IN THE MIDDLE OF A CLUB??? ¬¬

Rant over… For Now!

Anyway, congrats to all the teams at Essex who won! BLADES RULE! *gets out pom-poms and cheers* Y’all worked hard and deserved to win because let’s face it UEA just couldn’t cut this year! 😀 Next year let’s hope I’m on the Tap dance squad and that UEA don’t drop out again (what a bunch of pansies) so I can kick some UEA ASS! 😀 revel in the success for now, because next term we start training to be bad ass all over again next year! 😉