Today I’d like to talk about the inspiration for my life since October 2011: Bangs and a Bun!


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So let’s rewind back to October, where I’d not had the best holiday, I was suffering from depression, trying to fit in at university and STILL trying to lose that extra few pounds that had appeared (like magic) on my body! It was a tough time where I didn’t quite fit in, and it’s generally quite an awkward time in my life. QUEUE inspiration Number 1) The Blurt Foundation, and the lovelies who organised it. Through them, I found a blog, and yeah, at first I thought, “WOW, this woman is pretty opinionated… and not afraid to say what she thinks… That’s pretty awesome.” The more I read about Bangs, the more I wanted to know.

Discovering Running with Bangs and a Bun

After browsing her blog, I discovered that Bangs is a runner. Like really, she went from “Couch Potato” to Full-Marathon Runner, how much more inspirational do you need? Reading about how Bangs found this outlet for her life, how she went from hating running to loving it, how this became such a large part of her life, how it correlates with her life and how it changed her life, it truly struck a chord with me. At that time in my life, I needed something (anything!) to create change in my life, something stable to rely on that wouldn’t leave, let me down or treat me badly. Running had worked for so many people that I knew and especially for Bangs, so why would it not work for me? …Right?

A few months down the line and I am armed with LYCRA (and I’m not afraid to use it!) and my awesomely blue trainers, an ace running playlist and I can just about run 2 miles… without hyperventilating! Yes, I do agree, it’s not much but considering I couldn’t get half a mile down the road without a stitch, I’m actually quite proud of my 2 milers! And I owe it to Bangs more than anyone else. A few months ago, I was still stuck on my embarrassing, stitch inducing half mile mark and I literally couldn’t see what I was doing wrong or how I could change it. HELP ME was an understatement so I emailed Bangs on the off chance that she would reply (I know her emails sometimes get backed up… I also know she hates that!) and much to my surprise (and muchos excitement) she replied. A few emails later and I had a walk-run plan and a positive attitude that even I- the fat kid on the sidelines, in the gym class of life- could become a runner if I just stick at it! 😀 Cool right?

So, I took it to the UGLY, and went out not caring whether that cute dude running towards me saw my face, that naturally turns puce during even the lightest of exercises, or that yeah, my ass was in lycra and I was happy for the public to cheer me on… “Go on my son” despite me being a girl actually has a rather motivating effect on me!

Now that it’s Easter, exam time is looming and stress is inevitably mounting, I finally have an outlet that means I can clear my head, get high on the endorphins and be proud that actually, today, I conquered another half mile… and if I can do that, then those French and Spanish exams? Yeah they are about to get some whoop-ass headed their way!

And even though Bangs announced that Team Bangs on the Run 3 was the third and final team, maybe I’ll bump into her and some of the other inspirational women she has helped, at one of the many Half-Marathons I plan on running in the future!


So thanks Bangs, you truly are an inspiration! 😉

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