Now Entering the Realm of Douche

Okay firstly let me explain… WHAT IS WRONG WITH 99.9% OF PEOPLE THESE DAYS?

Seriously, douche-baggery comes from every corner at the moment it’s unreal!

Out Shopping

I like to think that as a general rule, manners hold a power of their own. They don’t cost anything, it doesn’t kill you to have them and often they make people smile… So why are old people SO rude? I was in the bank standing in the queue for the cash machine and some old lady just barged me out of the way. Not wanting to assume she was just plain rude, I kindly explained that I was in the queue and she would have to wait like everyone else. And what did she she do? She sneered at me, told me I was some jumped up youth and needed to get off the dole and go get myself a job… Normally I’d just let it go but this was seriously offending my nature, especially as I was holding a beasty bunch of CV’s, ready to hand out for a summer job. So this is how it went down:

Me: “Excuse me, but for a start, I’m a university student. Secondly, I worked from the age of 16 until this October when I moved away to start my studies, I’m 20 by the way! That’s four years and not only do I study, I’m also looking for a summer job, look here are my CV’s. Lastly who are you to judge me? You know nothing about me, what I do or how I lead my life, but as far as I can see, the only person here who needs to sort out their life, is you. Didn’t your mother ever tell you that if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all?”

*Eruptions of the cheers from the people in the queue who saw all that went down.*

Old Lady: “Well, maybe you should respect your elders more young lady. I assumed you wouldn’t mind giving up your place for me…”

Then she shuffled off looking pretty sheepish and probably felt hugely embarrassed…. As she should.

So when was it okay for old people to act like complete Douche-Bags? They have such a sense of entitlement that it makes them rude, nasty and just plain disrespectful. Now to be fair, this isn’t ALL old people but over the last few years, I’ve noticed that more and more elderly people have taken advantage of the youth and started to verbally abuse us! Just like to point out here that this is NOT okay!

Walking Down The Street

I like to look presentable when I go out, even on slob days (See here: but that doesn’t mean I welcome the leering presence of every Tom, Dick or Harry that I walk past. Whistling at me? Yeah, Douche Bag. Calling out, asking me to get my Tatas out for the lads? Yeah, major Douche Bag! And even worse, asking if I’ll have a quickie with you… TOTAL Douche-Baggery right there! I’m a WOMAN, not a sex toy you buy from Ann Summers that you use behind closed doors!

In Public Bathrooms

Ever walked into a bathroom in the town centre and received the filthiest look from the girls applying their 30th coat of mascara and lip gloss? Yeah, also not such an upstanding friendly thing to do… I usually smile at people when I make eye contact which in a small public toilet happens quite often, it’s just polite. But walking into the toilets when other girls my age or younger are present is like being at the zoo of hideous creatures! I feel like a leper and to be really honest, I still smile and then get on with my shizz, but it’s just mean and unnecessary…. Next time I smile at you, don’t be such a threatened little girl and smile back: you might make somebody’s day!

Teenage Boys 

Yeah everyone knows that Boys from my home town are complete “Jack-The-Lad” types who are pretty cocky and not afraid to go up to a pretty girl…

But telling me your equipment is massive and that you will destroy me doesn’t make me 1) remotely interested and 2) want to break the law… I’m 20 and they were usually about 3 years below me in primary school! (I have an amazing memory when it comes to faces of people I’ve met before) I’m not a cradle snatcher, so please don’t humiliate yourself any further by telling me that you wouldn’t “tap” me anyway. You came over to me, you started this, take the rejection and go back to your Duplo.

I realise that naturally people think they can just go around acting like complete Douches, but really you are doing yourself no favours. I have more respect and interest for people who if you’re interested, approach me like a human being, ask me for a drink or out on a date and if you see me randomly out and about, don’t look at me like I’m dog mess stuck to the bottom of your shoe! Smile, say hi or just don’t pay any attention to me! Because really you only make yourself look bad!