Day 1 of Half Marathon Training & Valencia Prep!

Getting Back to Running

So training today was okay, but I can admit that man, I am out of shape! I busted my gut out there today doing my usual walk-run plan, and it was hard! I was a little nervous before as I forgot my bad boys (read: trainers) at uni and wore my trusty Reebok’s (No Chav jokes please, I was exercising) instead. I had no lycra, no proper trainers and hadn’t been running in a while, so to say I was nervous was a little bit of an understatement.

But I got out the door -which most runners know, is the hardest bit- and started my route. I had my music playing and my feet pounding on the pavement and fell into a rhythm and before I knew it, my 20 minute run was up and I jogged lightly for 5 mins to get home! 😀 Afterwards I was, puce, naturally and I felt awesome! I AM BACK IN THE GAME!! I took it to the ugly, and I smashed those first run nerves… Honestly I can’t wait for Wednesday’s run and considering I’ve been swimming today already, I am on a roll! 😉

Why don’t you guys give something new a go, first time’s always scary but when you do it, that mini-achievement feels great! 🙂


As you may or may not have heard, I’m jet-setting my way to Valencia this summer for four weeks!! 😀 Excited doesn’t even cover the way I feel about this! I’m too stoked for words, I feel like a child on Christmas morning!!

Well, apart from staying with my friend (and with a host family) and going to school in Valencia, there are a few things I plan on doing while I’m out there and I don’t just mean getting a cracking tan and going for runs along the beach (still in preparation for my half marathon!). Here’s a round up of things I’ll be checking out in Valencia:

  • La Tomatina: Oh this one’s all about the crazy! It’s a Spanish festival where everyone heads to the streets to well, basically throw tomatoes at each other! It happens once a year, on the last Wednesday in August and this year, I will be taking to the streets armed and dangerous!! 😀


  • The Beach: Who doesn’t wanna hang out by the sea and catch a tan (and read a shit load of books on their Kindle) on a spare afternoon… Dude, there will be Man Candy, usually playing volleyball… Shirtless! 😉


  • The Food Market: Why we don’t have these in England anywhere other than London, baffles me completely! I’d buy food from this kind of market every single day if there was one in my town! *hint hint local producers!*
  • Culture and History: I’m a total nerd, they only thing I lack is glasses, and I love experiencing the culture and history of other countries! I’m going to learn flamenco dancing, see historical sights/ museums and learn about the history of Valencia before I go and of course, I have to sample a traditional Paella! 😛


What things do you like to do when visiting new places? 🙂