Running in Monsoon Season!

Now, my uncle lives in Malaysia so Monsoon Season over there really is no joke. But considering England has a hosepipe ban and drought warnings, we aren’t doing too badly for rain. I am not the biggest fan of running in the rain, drops of water stinging my face etc, I can think of more enjoyable runs. BUT, I went out twice (that’s good for me) in the rain and pounded out a couple of miles! However, since then, the dismal weather has been getting me down a bit so in order to stay motivated I have a few things around my room at uni to help me out:

  • Bangspiration: You should have read the post I wrote about how Bangs inspired me to run and shortly after, her and some of the Badass chicks she runs with (pun intended), popped up in my latest issue of ZEST!!!

Bangs and her Girls!

So I put up this spread on the bathroom door and it’s pretty much one of the first things I see in the morning!

  • HALF MARATHON TRAINING PLAN: It’s in all lovely colours and makes me happy to look at it. If it looks good, then maybe the run will be even better! 😉

Go Hard or Go Home!


  • I also have a Timetable to follow, what with it being EXAM TIME too! I need to fit in running and revision so that life comes out in a successful balance! 🙂

Green = Runs I must NOT miss!


  • The Door Of Awesomeness: Where even my weekly menu is pinned!

Oozing Badass!


So really I have NO EXCUSE to skip out on running. Eat right, Sleep right, Study right and Run right! So this year the Oxford Half Marathon is gonna have a whole load of kick-ass released on it and next year, I plan to take on the Paris half! 😀

So, as it’s the year to #MakeItCount tell me what goals you’ve set for yourself and when you plan to reach them! 🙂