Welcome to A Twisted Tale at The Summer Ball ♥

Sound the alarms and ring out the bells!!! EXAMS ARE OVER!!!!!! Sorry for what seems to me (as it probably does to you) to be longest absence in the whole history of man! But when revising for exams takes precedence and us students actually remember why we started University to begin with, we tend to become hermits! BUT I am back (Was that a “hurrah!” I heard you scream?)!! 😛

So, to celebrate the end of the academic year, the end of exams and the begin of summer (Oh the irony, given that actually we’ve got November’s weather!) me and all my friends got the glad rags on and partied on down at the Summer Ball!! This year’s theme was “A Twisted Tale” with Alibaba’s Cave, a Gingerbread House and even Shipwreck Cove!! Along side these themed marquees we got the absolute pleasure of raving to Hadouken, being children on Fairground Rides and chowing down on food from burgers to doughnuts, and curries to noodles! Overall the night was awesome and for those of us who could manage it (and I almost didn’t) there was a Survivor’s Photo at the end of the event at 5.30am! 😀 

Here I am with some of my friends (can you spot me?? ;))


I also got married in the Happily Ever After chapel to 2 of my very good friends…. I now have 2 wives! 😛

But after 18 hours without sleep, it’s safe to say that with a wedding ring, three-way marriage certificate, a pair of classy white flip flops and bruised feet, I was well and truly ready for bed at 6am! 


Here I am looking slightly worse for wear! 😀

On another note: I moved out of halls last night!! I left my first ever home away from the nest and am ready for a summer of hard work, hard training and some really exciting times ahead!! 🙂

Let me know if you’ve got a big event this summer whether it’s your prom, a holiday or even just redecorating your house! I want to know what you guys are planning this summer!