Sponsored To RUN IT OUT!!!!

Hey beautiful followers (yes I’m buttering you up but let’s face it, my mama raised me to tell the truth!),


As you could have picked up on from previous posts, if not you certainly will from this one, I’m going to run a half marathon in October… It’s my first race and yes, I will probably get friends to drag me across the finish line when I can’t do it myself and I fully expect blisters to engulf my feet… BUT, I’m not just running for kicks! I am in fact running for Blurt to raise money and awareness for depression and those involved with supporting sufferers of depression. 

Thus amigos, the wonderful hard-workers at Blurt have set me up with a rather awesome looking donation/ sponsor page… If you can spare a few pennies just to give to the foundation (but via me as I’m super competitive and want to raise lots of money!! 😛 ) Simply follow the link below for cosmic karma boost and donate anything you can spare! 🙂


Thank you so much amigos… Until next time!! 😉

Cate xx