Tough Decisions

Okay so I’m not ranting. I’m questioning.

Why is it SO difficult to accept that I (a 20 year old student) have decided to give up alcohol except on special occasions, such as Christmas or weddings, my 21st Birthday or an anniversary bash etc? Why is that so unfathomable?


This picture? Not so hot.

Granted I’ve never been in this situation before, even at my most drunk I’ve had the ability to control my surroundings. Let’s give you the low down on some of the facts about alcohol:

  • Alcohol is a depressant: Yeah that’s right, half the reason you feel so rubbish the morning after, is because you are DEPRESSED. You have no energy to do anything, you don’t want to face anyone and simple everyday things make you feel down.


  • Alcohol slows your metabolism by up to 73%… This means your body can’t process what you put into it as quickly, meaning that kebab on the way home, the fry up for breakfast AND the chocolate cravings you get in the hours after a drink binge, will head straight for your waistline. Which is fine if that doesn’t bother you except…..


  • Alcohol contributes HUGELY to Obesity, which can lead to other major health problems such as diabetes, cancer, cirrhosis of the liver and many other horrendous health problems!




  • AA is no joke: Alcoholics Anonymous exists for a reason; alcohol is addictive! Binge drinking is becoming one of the fastest routes to alcoholism with people not realising just how much they are drinking and how often, before it becomes a problem.
  • The Danger Zone: This is the situation lots of people find themselves in on a night out. Ever been left to walk the last 200m home after probably one too many drinks? Yeah me too. I hate it, I’m constantly aware of what or who is around me, and how I could get out of any situation that may occur. Not so for many others. This situation is what I call placing yourself in the Danger Zone. If you can’t walk straight, talk without slurring and can’t put up much of a fight then basically you’re stuffed in a sticky situation. Sometimes, not drinking that extra tequila shot is something you’ll regret far less in the morning, than being in an alcoholic coma on your way home when a dodgy character is about!


So don’t get me wrong, I’m open to a glass of red with a film or that champagne flute at that wedding and most certainly a snowball or two at Christmas, but I personally don’t want to go out boozing every other weekend– what’s the point?! I think it’s ace if others enjoy doing that kind of thing but just remember; everything in moderation guys. 🙂

Aside from making this life changing decision off my own back, I’m training for a half marathon… Since when was alcohol going to help me out? 😛