Going Bananas!!

Ahhh I started an INSANE workout program this week and let me tell you now, that shiz is BANANAS!!! 

In a half hour workout of jumping and leaping about, I have never done more simple moves and worked myself so hard!! I could hardly walk this morning! It was crazy as and bless my parents, who went to bed at 9.30pm so I could take over the living room to do it!! 

I’ve got a whole rota planned for the next 3 weeks in terms of fitness and I’m calling it my “Summer-Body Boot Camp” … Now I know the whole “summer body” term really annoys a lot of fitness peeps but honestly, when I think of a summer body, I think toned, strong and healthy. Not skinny, malnourished and positively skeletal!! 😛

I’ve earned me some extra pennies and bought myself some shorts to go running in warmer weather (ie– Valencia) and to do my fitness programme in (long shorts or trousers are just not a good idea!) as I’ve been after some for AGES!!

I thought I’d go BRIGHT for summer… Besides, black can be so dull! 😛



And again with the brights….



Aren’t they just SO COOL? (Say yes, because I won’t accept any other answer! 😉 )

Anyways, we’ll see when the workout programme is done if I’m brave enough to do some before or after pictures! 


Also, more exciting news as the new project (which will be revealed soon, I promise) gets underway!! 😀 Stay tuned amigos! 

Cate x