Be Pretty on Rest Days!

So given that I was 99.9% against the Olympics this year what with it usually being ALL track and ALL football on our screens with none of the other sports being shown, I have actually thoroughly enjoyed having the Olympics in London.

The women have totally dominated this time around and not only have they shown that women in sports can be just as bad ass as the men, but they’ve finally shown people like my 8 year old sister, that skinny isn’t necessarily admirable. Jessica Ennis is now the household mascot with even my little brother saying how beautiful she is and how she should be his girlfriend, (he’s 7, bless him) because she is dedicated and works hard to succeed at what she does!

So forgive me for joining the ranks of women who were shocked and appalled that London’s Victoria Beckham of running, was out and out called HIDEOUS by a randomer on Instagram. Now the image in question was after a hill training session, which most people can imagine won’t result in a stunner of a picture!

The issue raised wasn’t that someone had made a belittling and pathetic comment, it was more the fact that women in sport are EXPECTED to look beautiful all the time. During workouts, in a competition, after a competition…. REALLY??? Putting your body through a workout and pushing its limits is never going to be a pretty thing.

Bangs and a Bun, who’s picture was slated, also put up a rant online about women being expected to look perfect in the midst of sport. You can find it here followed by a ton of comments in support!

So yeah here is to us; the Hideous, who push ourselves and don’t care what it looks like! You know why? Because we care about how we FEEL, not just how we look!

In the words of Spikes and Heels: BE PRETTY ON REST DAYS and join the Hideous by posting your workout pictures! Here’s mine: