Living La Vida Loca!!

So, here I am in Spain and what is the only think I can think about? Yeah, a home cooked meal by my mum!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the hot weather and the tapas and for sure the icecream, but things would be going a lot smoother if I had my home comforts here. For example, I don’t have the internet where I’m staying- the only reason for posting is that I have borrowed somebody’s iPad!! Four weeks without internet, proper coffee and a comfortable bed and you start to feel homesick pretty fast.

On an upbeat note; I love running here, everybody seems to run! Plus there’s a park near my flat which is stunning to run in on a sunny day but holy mother is it HOT!! By 10am it’s usually 30 degrees celcius and man is that a killer to train in!!! But for the most part, training is good and muchos excitmentos– my blurt top will be waiting for me when I get home! 😉

Other than that, school here is far better than it ever was at university, the beach is gorgeous but being out of touch with the real world for SO long is finally taking it’s toll on me. Never again will I say my showers water pressure sucks, or that my coffee machine should be faster or that my bed is uncomfortable! Really, take the time now to appreciate your safety items that make your house your actual home! 🙂

Also… Pictures will follow when I get home! 😛