Back to the Grindstone… AND A HALF MARATHON!!

So um, given the title you will gather that I’m doing a half marathon… uh yeah. It’s in 8 days and I am terrified.. and excited and nervous and um, even if I pass out I am expecting someone to drag my unconscious body across the finish line because I WANT MY MEDAL!! It will be shiny and will also be going on my wall! 😀

So moving on. I’m back at uni, where I have an amazing flat (and flat mate), a double bed and my own bathroom– with both a bath and shower! Smooth right? Well, it’s sweet: in a nice area and well furnished but we don’t have a TV, or any internet. We probably won’t be getting internet until the END of October and apparently I have to sort out council tax forms, our energy bills and the stupid ass Talk Talk people. I never asked to be a grown up but here I am and you know what, I’m glad it’s up to me.

Check out my room! =)

I know that when I leave uni, get a job and enter the real world that I’ll be just fine. I can set up standing orders, direct debits, electricity bills, how to read meters and how to get the necessities in life, without having to have someone like my parents bail me out all the time. I know that at the age of 20 (I’m nearly 21 now… stoked) I can be dumped into reality and still survive. Unfortunately when it comes to deciding between RENT and FOOD this month I know that rent will win out, because having a full tummy but no roof over my head in a British winter is not even slightly cool! And when Student Finance rectify the ROYAL COCK UP they made regarding my loan, not only will they get a big-ass letter of complaint…

Anyway, apart from having to be all grown up about money and bills etc being back at uni is incredible… I really didn’t think I’d miss it as much as I did but, I sure am glad to finally be back. Roll on Monday with its 5 hour day of classes!! (Honestly, Tuesday’s not any better either! :P)