Fast Girls

Ahhh!!!! I’m missing the Olympics!!! Bring back the hype, bring back the positivity for women in sport and BRING BACK THE INSPIRATION!!!!

Oh you KNOW I found you all a little extra inspiration, just in time for the winter slack to set in! The Olympics was MASSIVE this year and this film just summarises exactly what it was all about.

That moment that will take your breath away with inspiration!

Fast Girls tells the story of Shania Andrews, your average London girl with little support and a speedy pair of legs who wins a spot on Great Britain’s Olympic team and a place in the relay race. This film has real gumption, it’s gritty, funny and completely inspiring– with an ending which was so completely powerful that it almost brought a tear to my eyes!

So here’s my picture from the Half Marathon, almost 2 weeks on and I’m already getting back into training! train hard and Party harder (when you reach the goal you’ve worked your ass off for!)…

Mile 9: Not Giving Up!!! =D