Fashion Snaps: Food? No, I live off SHOES!

I don’t buy food… instead I buy SHOES!

We’ve all been there, raiding the sales, diving across the shop for the last pair of size 6 cobalt blue strappy platform heels, before the ungrateful teenager gets there first, right? Yes of COURSE you have…. Granted for me it’s usually some bratty teen in Dorothy Perkins but still, they were NICE shoes!!

However, DP aside and back to the good stuff (that none of us lowly students can actually afford even with a job!) I have died and gone to heaven with these particular shoes by Brian Atwood! They make me all warm and fuzzy inside by just looking at them!

The Claudia embroidered suede pumps….

Now who’s salivating with me? Hmmm well wait until you see the back!

….. Only a mere £1,540. Still drooling?… Thought not!


Maybe one of my lovely readers will want to send me them in the post– just holla okay? ;)

What shoes  are your favourite at the moment, casual, glam or just something for the house (yes mi amigos slippers do count here!), drop me a line below and I shall check them out!