Starting the Festivities Early

Wow, training is hard! But it’s good to get back into it– 2 weeks off is a long-ass time!

So festivities is a bit strong… It’s my 21st birthday this December and people keep asking me what I want as gifts, other than my student loan! Well I’ve been casually playing around on Nike iD with some new kicks and a running top!

My trainers are a festive red colour (as I already have a blue pair) and I desperately want them so I can mix and match with running outfits. I appreciate that whilst I’d rather just get out and run, there is NOTHING to say that I can’t accessorise whilst doing it!

And at the same time, I designed a t-shirt with “I run to be fierce” on the front and “SassyLassy” on the back! 😀 It’s all super exciting BUT it’s all personalised, which means naturally it’s a little bit pricey! Sooooo, for my birthday and for Christmas, all I really want is a fair few Nike iD vouchers so I can have a massive spend up and look totally kick-ass when I go running. I will look amazeballs whilst trying to reach that Sub 50 minute 10K! 🙂