Fashion Snaps: Just Another Bit of Hippie Chic

So lately I have been developing my style from Rocker in the winter, to Hippie/Surfer in the summer!

I adore wearing long floaty maxi skirts right now and teaming them with a simple vest and my denim acid wash waist jacket. Glitz it up with some beads and sparkly bits and bobs and there you have it… Right?

Um, no, or I’d be walking around without shoes!! So aside from your typical summer sandal or canvas pump (usually acquired in Primark, where I’m from, which means you AND the rest of your town have matching foot gear!) what else can you really wear?

  • WEDGES!!! I like to wear my brown suede wedge boots from River Island with my lime green and chocolate brown Maxi skirt! I also have some strappy wedges for more summery weather! Please note that these have only ever been worn twice since owning them, due to the lack of sunshine and dry periods that England seem to have. So you probably are better off buying some wedge boots that match your favourite skirt!
  • THE SHOE BOOT!!! I love these Bad Boys, I have a pair of Black suede shoe boots from Dorothy Perkins (again I am a student, this is all I can afford!) And they look awesome when teamed with my more quirky maxi’s whether these be skirts or dresses! The latest combination was a black vest top and a draped sequin waist coat with my red maxi skirt (It has white polka dots on it!! :D ) and my shoe boots! This added a more glitzy feel to the outfit but if I changed the waist coat to my denim jacket could go from cool to casual in less than 60 seconds, depending on whether I remembered to pull the sleeves of my jacket out the right way before attempting to get into it! :P
  • PEEP TOES!! This goes well with a lot of the jersey skirts/dresses that people have going on: it adds sophistication but when you paint those pinkies with a splash of colour you are immediately drawn to the shoes (and who doesn’t love Shoe Porn?)… You can then accessorize with the same colour as your toenails to really add some Zing(!) to the outfit!


So here are my quick tips:

  1. Find YOUR shoe, if you’re comfier in wedges then invest in a few pairs. If you hate your toes then opt out of the peep toes! Find what suits you and stick to it! :)
  2. What skirts/dresses go with which shoes?? Try to keep it simple, dark colours/patterns go with dark or bold shoes, pale colours/patterns go with lighter options!
  3. Match your shoes and your accessories! If you’re going out on a limb with your shoes and they don’t completely tie in with your clothes then match them with any jewellery, bags, nail varnish, hair accessories and scarves.
  4. BE COMFORTABLE! This is important, because if you are not comfortable in your outfit then it simply will not work. In true yoda style you must be At One With Yourself before you can look awesome as a style icon to everyone else!