Comfy Corner

Ever woken up and felt that ultimately, everything in your wardrobe is made from cardboard? Except of course those ever so inviting joggers and slouchy top, that want to envelope you into a hug of warmth and comfort, that tell you; they cannot go anywhere other than the sofa and to the kitchen (for tea and cake of course!) and they soothe your need to sit and watch hours of mindless Jeremy Kyle and not to worry about that mounting pile of ironing over in the corner… But the urge to stay cool just in case the cute postman knocks on the door with a parcel for you to sign for, just forces you to drag out an outfit that oozes style and sophistication meaning you look like the ultimate sex kitty, just in case that parcel you didn’t order, does show up!

WELL FEAR NOT! Being a student I know ALL about slouchy and comfy AND cute boys (well some… I am on Campus- not everyone can afford to wash! :P )

Here are some of my favourite comfy but cute outfits that means you can relax but stay cool in case of any impromptu visitors!


H&M pyjama tops at £7.99 for the two, means you can double these up with plain trousers of your choice! Personally I’d go for black or grey but that’s because I like to keep things simple. ;)


Next Roll Waist Crop Joggers at £16 are stylish and comfortable and look cute enough to pop to the shop in!

Image deliver on these TOTALLY cute Palazzo Pants; on sale at £8!! I own these so I will NOT have a bad word said about them! ;) team your Palazzo’s with a simple vest top and some white pumps (if you have to go out that is!) and you are stylish but comfy and good to go!

If in doubt, Put on your favourite and whacky pj bottoms and a plain top and embrace the nutty, odds are that postman? Yeah he probably likes a bit of outta the ordinary! :D