Fashion Snaps: H&M Striped Orange Sports Bra Review

Okay, so when I was in Spain I got used to running in my bright pink and yellow shorts and started to fall in love with vibrant, quirky patterned workout gear. Upon a late night shopping trip (including FroYo, Jewellery and muchos laughter) I stumbled across this bad boy and decided to buy it!

After spending a shocking 10 Euros (cheap, huh?!) on a rather lairy workout top, I thought I’d better try it out.

Well ladies I can inform you now, that it is one helluva spend! Go buy one immediately, in either orange or the plain purple that they stock! 😀 I used it in my last few weeks of training for the Half Marathon and I will say the following:

♥ The support is amazing. I rate it at least 9/10. In this sports bra you really don’t have to worry about knocking yourself out! 😉

♥ The compliments aren’t bad either: I had people coming up to me in the gym asking where I bought my sports bra and saying how cool and funky it looked. Usually I’m not one to take compliments well, especially when I look like I’m about to pass out during a 10k run on the dreadmill, but wearing this, I could totally see where they were coming from!! 🙂

♥ It doesn’t look super cheap. We’ve all been and raided Sports Direct (I do, for staff discount!) and got a bunch of dirt cheap sports tops to jam on under our tops, not actually caring what they looked like until Summer. When the vest tops and crops get worn! Well this colourful number will do you proud as it adds bold confidence to your workout attire! 😛

Here’s what it looks like on (granted it’s from H&M so the model is computerised and NOT REAL):


And here’s the design for the back:



Overall I’d rate this product at an 8/10 purely marked down because the sizing of H&M is WAY off… And with only S, M or L available, it doesn’t give everyone the option to purchase!