How Do You Over Throw An Evil Dictator..?

You cut off her resources.

Regina George would be nothing without her… No I’m totally kidding!

On a serious note though, what do you do when actually there is someone in your life who has simply upset the balance of life? If someone you know starts to take over your life, making it their own (Cady style in Mean Girls) do you 1) do a Regina and publish the Burn Book or 2) do you take the High Road and talk to them about it. Personally, I have taken route 2 in the past. Except it doesn’t always work. And we’ve all been there at least once in our life time: we hope to leave the silly games behind after school but not everyone is so mature…

To Publish or Not to Publish……….?

Who are these people?!

Sometimes, the person can steal your style, dressing like you or buying what you’re saving up for. This is so disheartening because everyone thinks YOU are copying THEM even though it was your idea first! Then, they can leach on to your friends, often bad mouthing you or stirring up trouble with a well used wooden spoon. This is one of their worst traits because they always act like butter wouldn’t melt and appears to be little miss perfect to everyone else– making you look like a mean girl! But for me, the worst thing these people do in life is put you down. They make you miserable on a daily basis, and cause trouble before blaming you and making it seem like you are the problem. You start having to tell yourself that No, you aren’t crazy. But still they keep going on and on until you cut them off completely…. So how do you cut them off… Publish the book, turn the tables or sit in a corner with a white flag?

I say no to all of those options. I say put your game face on because all the fighting in Girl World has to be sneaky. Simply put: be an adult. Be polite, but not personal, don’t divulge anything you don’t want the world to know and don’t give up on your life. Talk to your friends and explain how you feel, they’ll probably want to know why this person is doing nasty things to you as well.. Stop telling them what you like and show them things you actually hate– they’ll soon start rocking up in hideous get up! In a sense, give them a false image of you, shatter the rose-tinted glasses that your friends are wearing and be aloof– only your real friends need to know your personal business!

Don’t feed the fire!

Nobody wants an evil dictator but as we all learned in Mean Girls, we have GOT to stop calling each other sluts and whores…. Okay well we learnt that it’s not okay to ruin someone else’s life, despite the fact that they are ruining yours. There’s no smoke without fire… So get some water and put out their flames! 🙂

*This post was inspired by Mean Girls: because I am a student and have nothing better to do other than to watch awesome films and write posts about them! 😛 *