Holidays Are Coming!

We’ve pretty much all seen it on TV (except me, I had to youtube it because I don’t own a TV at uni!) and Facebook was a flutter with status updates and video links… That’s right; HOLIDAYS ARE COMING!!! The Coca Cola advert is out and in a moment of festive madness I’ve come up with a sparky idea!

Now we all know I’m a secret romantic (Shh don’t tell everyone!) so I’ve come up with a BRILLIANT idea for December on the Blog! But, before I reveal all I shall tell you what has inspired me for the Magical Season!

My Big Sister made me these little babies to put on my Christmas Tree:

Aren’t they amazing?!

My parents bought up a 6ft Christmas tree for me and a bag of decorative goodies too! I also bought some traditional Red and Gold decorations for the tree  with my man, who picked out some of the cutest little nativity decorations! 🙂

Can you spot Baby Jesus?

I desperately want some Nut Crackers to go on my tree too but I’ve got to do my actual Christmas shopping first! 😛

SO; on to the idea for December! I am going to do a sort of Advent Calendar on my blog, with a sappy Christmas Romance Story (only a short one don’t worry!) on top of my normal posts! 🙂 At the end of the Calendar I will reveal a Competition and a give away… All you will have to do is comment on the Blog, following the instructions of the competition! 😉 … I just haven’t thought of what the competition will be yet, but it will be full of festive awesomeness with an AMAZING prize, so keep your eyes peeled! 😀