Fashion Snaps: Fairies in My House

There are fairies in my house,
This I know for sure,
Cause the fairies in my house,
Have a little fairy door………

Have you ever wanted to add a little magic to your home? Well I’ve found the perfect way to do it! Fairies in My House is a brilliant idea thought up by a woman who wanted her children to grow up believing in the wonders of fairies, magic and elves!

Having told her children that there were fairies in their house, creator Gemma, thought it would be a lovely idea for the fairies and elves to have their own special way to come into the house. And so, she set about creating a door for the tooth fairy, complete with a little pot in which to place her childrens teeth. It was a fail safe way to be able to get the tooth without waking her son! 🙂

Not only does the tooth fairy visit Gemma’s house but the Christmas Elves come and put up the decorations while not a creature is stirring!!

Now I’m not saying these doors are just for kids because the detail in each one is so beautiful that it’s hard not to fall in love with one (or in my case, 12) of these babies. They are hand crafted, right down to wood grains on the door itself without the use of moulds or rollers! They take hours to design and craft but you can clearly see the love that goes into each one!

Fairies In My House charge around £10 per door, but can also create custom made designs at a reasonable price too! I really want a Christmas door for my elves as it will add that extra little bit of magic to the festive season and it’s another little quirk to add to my collection. They give homes a personal and creative touch that brings a smile to even the most cynical of people! 😉 They can be attached with just a little blue tack and can even be used outdoors, so you can even have Fairies in your garden!

If you’d like to know more and have a look at the complete collection of doors currently available (or yet to be commissioned!) then just pop along to the facebook page here!

Now I will bombard you with some of my favourites pictures! 😀

Which fairies/elves will come through these doors? =)

 I really want this door! =D

If you’re as impressed as I am then go and share the Fairies in My House Facebook page and this blog post so the world doesn’t miss out on these cuties! 😀