Fairy Lights and Mistletoe: A Christmas Story

As promised amigos I have come up with the goods! I have created just for you bad ass readers a Christmas Advent Story Calendar.

I know– what a genius idea!! 😀 I will update the page with each new chapter every single day on here throughout the Christmas Countdown! And at the end I will post the entire story up on here, so you can read it all from the beginning! 🙂 Then I will post details of the Competition, which naturally you will all flood to enter! 😛

Anyway! I have written up a blurb! 😉 Which you can read below or if you want just click on the Christmas Advent Story tab, where each new part of the story will be added each day! 😉

Fairy Lights and Mistletoe: A Christmas Story

Ivy loves everything about Christmas, right down to the pushing and shoving for that last bottle of lime cordial in the supermarket before Christmas Day! Despite being newly single this Christmas she’s determined to make a change. Little does she know that a mysterious stranger, who appears during the first snowfall of the season, is about to turn her world upside down… 

Tune in on Saturday December 1st 2012 for the first instalment of Ivy’s Christmas Adventure!